[CF Devotionals] 2007-08-20 - Challenge Yourself

This is part of a personal testimony that I originally wrote in 1998. I have cut it short for the purpose of this devotion. I have revised some of it, and added to it as well for the sake of the message I wanted to express.

On a recent night, as usual, I went to church for our weekly Wednesday night Bible study lesson. However, this night our pastor had something else in mind. He turned the tables on us; instead of answering questions from us, he decided to ask a few of his own. We were asked a myriad of questions. Just a few of them included questions such as: "When was the last time you helped a neighbor? When was the last time you helped someone out of a ditch? When was the last time you witnessed for God?"

He didn't want us just to think on these questions. He challenged us for answers, comments and testimony. He challenged our hearts as well. So, my questions to you are: When was the last time you challenged yourself for God in some way? I mean something different, not something that is easy to do, I am talking about a real sacrifice, a living sacrifice for the living Savior. It may be something small and unnoticeable, or it may be on a grander scale. Either way, let me encourage you to keep it between you and the Lord, and seek first His glory. Challenge yourself today. Challenge your faith. Challenge what you can do for His glory.

Father, give us the gift of giving. Help us to set forth new challenges to strengthen our faith daily, challenges that give us hinds' feet. Challenges to meet the needs set forth before us. It is in Your glorious name, Lord, that we pray this. AMEN!

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