[CF Devotionals] 2007-08-12 - Daniel

Chapter 8 ~ Installment 63

One of the greatest comforts we can have, after the knowledge of our salvation, is the fact that God is in control over not only all men, all government, but also all that is yet to come. We may want to know the future, but we don't have to. We are going to look at some "Future History, that which is a proof of His control."

As we have previously noted, very often in the Old Testament, we find what is sometimes referred to as the future past tense. This is when a future event is being discussed, but because God says it will happen, the past tense is used. This means the event is as much as a fact as if it has already happened. This grammatical form is similar to the very concept of faith. God said it; I believe it. And while much prophecy still has to be fulfilled, we know it will be, because so much of what is Biblical prophecy has already come to pass.

As we examine the text, as we did last time, we will review Daniel's dream and the interpretation simultaneously. And as we do so, we will see an often-discussed prophetic phenomenon, that is multiple fulfillments. We will come across this, as we look at the little horn found here, and discuss the possibility of it being different that the one seen in the last chapter.

By the way, remember that with this chapter, the language returns to the Hebrew. This is why some feel this is the start of the second part of the book and not Chapter 7.

Second, we will consider what we can take from the passage, that will be tied to our own walk. As previously noted, part of the problem with studying prophecy is that often there is no application discussed. Now there is a tendency to focus on the negative, the truth that things are going to get worse, and this is certainly a valid assessment. But for us, as we will depend on the fact that the Lord holds all in His hands, we find a basis of comfort, and hope. And as things become more difficult, we can rejoice, for this means the work of the Lord will be advanced, and we have the opportunity to help in effort.

To be continued.

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