[CF Devotionals] 2007-08-05 - Daniel

Chapter 8 ~ Installment 62 ~ Future History

The future - what is it to bring? This is the age-old question that all people ask, in one form or another. Many make their living by claiming to be able to answer it. After all, don't investment counselors endeavor to foretell the future when they recommend you put your money one place or another? And certainly, when we play the Stock or Commodities Market, we are trying to anticipate what an investment will be doing in the future, which by the way is certainly a great way to lose money. But everyone wants to know the future.

We expect physicians to foretell the future. When a serious illness arises, we expect them to be able to tell us what the outcome will be. And when they're wrong, some people sue. Then of course there are weathermen, who these days don't even seem to be able to tell us tomorrow's weather, much less next week's. But everyone wants to know the future.

Yes, many want to know the future, and so fortune tellers, psychic readers, channelers, palmists, the American Association of Professional Psychics, and all sort of occult practitioners abound. In spite of the fact Scripture prohibits involvement with these people, many still consult them. And of course, there are the so-called theologians who will tell you when the Antichrist will appear, or when the Rapture will happen, or where God will bring destruction next - even though Scripture says that only the Father knows the times of the last things. But everyone wants to know the future.

Even as Christians, we want to know the future. We constantly find books on the shelves that tell us that the Lord will return at 5:00 pm. on the 31st of February, or how the latest news bulletin is the fulfillment of prophecy. But we do know the future. Christ will take home His church, and will later set up His Millennial Kingdom. But even we want to know more about the future.

To be continued.

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