[CF Devotionals] 2007-07-26 - The Soul that Smiles

Jeremiah 12:3, "But thou knowest me, O Lord; Thou seest me; and Thou does examine my heart's attitude toward Thee."

This verse sort of leaps out at us from the text, but before we consider some of the implications of what this verse says, let's look at the context and consider the two verses prior to verse three. Jeremiah complains to the Lord about the prosperity of the wicked. He says that he would like to plead his case with the Lord. He would like to look into matters of justice. Then he asks a question that many of us ask. He wonders why it is that the wicked prosper. Why are those who had treated him treacherously, he who is God's own prophet, why are they at ease? He recognizes that they speak of the Lord (He is near to their lips), but that their minds are far from Him. Jeremiah is wondering something that many of us also ponder from time to time. Why is it that the ungodly, those who have forsaken the Lord, seem so blessed?

He doesn't answer the question, but we see in Verse Three where he finds comfort. He finds comfort in the fact that the Lord sees, the Lord knows, the Lord examines the heart's attitude, and Jeremiah seems to take comfort in this. He seems to say that the Lord knows his heart better than even he himself knows his heart. And in this, he seems to take comfort, gain confidence, and take strength.

We might pause here and ask ourselves a question. Is it a comfort to you that the Lord knows your heart? The One who is unclouded brightness - and sees with purist clarity - is it a comfort to you that He knows your heart? It was a comfort to Jeremiah, but I suspect that to many of us, it is little comfort that the Lord knows those things that no one else knows. The Lord is a perfect witness, prosecutor or advocate, to our motives and integrity in everything. To those of us who stand before God in the righteousness of Christ, and trust in its imputation unto us, this ends up being a comfort. To those who stand before God in their own righteousness, this is a fearful, condemning thought. Jeremiah found comfort in God knowing his inmost secrets. Can we do the same?

The Lord draws us to Himself with cords of love. He pulls us in close to Him to walk by His side, to lean on His shoulder, to converse with Him freely. The love of Christ brings the follower of Christ greater blessings than those that the world can offer. It offers peace of conscience now, and eternal security in glory, when our death becomes our life. Yes, it appears the wicked prosper often, but many of those who reject God do not prosper, just as many who follow the Lord do also prosper. Earthly prosperity is not a proof of the rejection of God, nor poverty the lot of all the righteous. The matter at stake is our hearts, and God would have our hearts. He knows them anyway, but He would lay claim to them now, giving us grace and mercy in return, fellowship with Him, and the assurance of the Holy Spirit. Such peace and joy can not be bought, and rises above all Earthly joys and pleasures.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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