[CF Devotionals] 2007-07-19 - Summer Questions

2007 #5 ~ Focus on God

Psalm 84:10, "For a day in Thy courts is better than a thousand outside."

Today's Question: "So here is the issue. How can I get beyond my 'worldly' (in my mind) issues to truly focus my life on God?"

I have taken out the background because this question will give us enough to go on. But I will try to address your concerns about the issue of living faithfully before your family that resonated in your question. The short answer about how to get beyond our worldly natures, is that we need to get more into Christ. It sounds simplistic, but it is common to talk about a lack of spiritual victory, while living with both of our feet firmly planted in the world. It is not a wonder that those (I am not saying it is the case with you) who often claim to feel that their focus upon the Lord is being diverted here and there, are struggling to have a deep meaningful relationship with the Lord - when they, daily, turn the TV or radio on before they have spent time with the Lord in prayer or Bible study. If we wanted to change our culture, we should pass a law that the TV can't be turned on until we have spent some time seeking the Lord. Let me suggest just two ways that I think that we can all get beyond our worldly cares, and better focus our thoughts and lives upon the Lord.

If you would seek to grow deeper in grace, be less in the world, coupled with being a faithful witness to your husband and children. I cannot think of two things I would suggest more earnestly than prayer and Bible study. Do those, and let them know or see that you do these things. Let them see you study Scripture. Let them see a list of things that you are praying about. You can have both a list they see, and one (maybe kept in your heart) that they can't see. But let them know that you are praying for them, for things in your lives, for friends and family members. Let them know, by seeing you in action, that God's Holy Word is precious to you. In this, you will be a witness to them: Be growing yourself. Let them know that each week, you are picking out a verse from your Bible reading to memorize. Ask one or all of them to memorize a verse with you.

Diligent study of God's Word makes you a student at Christ's College. Christ would have us be His disciples, and disciples are to be learners. Disciples all have in common that they sit at the feet of a master and seek to learn. Followers of Christ are ever students of His revelation to us in His Word. Let us all be those who search the Scriptures through and through, again and again. Don't be satisfied with simply knowing the basics about your faith. Rather, be a true disciple, and get to know the intimate details of everything that concerns and respects your faith. We trust in the role of the Holy Spirit to lead us in all truth, but as disciples, we must also be truth seekers.

We must have communion with Jesus. We must pray. If you would be a witness to your family, you must seek the Lord's assistance and wisdom in all your dealings with them. You will never be a patient person if you are not both praying for patience, and against impatience. Patience comes naturally to none. To be holy, we must commune with holiness itself. We must seek a glow that only the Spirit can implant. In His light, we see light. In His light, we shine as lights. We must lay hold of these things by seeking Him in our thoughts, desires, prayers, and praises.

We are in the world, so we can never really define ourselves as "otherworldly," no matter how much we try. But the world need not dig its eagle claws deep into the follower of Christ and pull him/her away from thoughts of Heaven. There are means of keeping our thoughts Heavenly. The two that we have touched on here are His Word and prayer. If I were to add another, I would be hard pressed to choose between the sacraments (Lord's Supper and Baptism), and fellowship with the saints: So I add them both. How can we all be less worldly? We can all be less worldly by spending more time meditating on God's Word, communing with the Lord in prayer, careful attention to His sacraments unto our soul's health, and retaining fellowship with the saints.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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