[CF Devotionals] 2007-06-25 - Daniel

Installment 56 ~ Chapter 7

Introduction: In this installment, we will enter new section in the book of Daniel. We are moving from the narrative section to the prophetic section. The following chapters present a view of the end times, the closing of the time of the Gentiles. We will examine the vision, and using the interpretation provided to Daniel - as well as other passages in Scripture - we will endeavor to understand the content of the dream. We will once again examine the four Gentile kingdoms, as well as the hope and promise of the eternal kingdom of Messiah.

Because of the nature of the chapter, I am going to use a slightly different approach. We are going to look at the vision and interpretation simultaneously.

The primary messages I want to take from this study are comfort from God and praise for Him. These come from understanding that we are moving towards an eternal relationship with the God of Heaven, and with the Savior who has purchased our salvation.

As the world grows darker, there is a day coming when the light of God will burst forth on the entire world, a day when the kingdoms of man will fall, and the eternal rule of Messiah will be established over His people. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

As you can see, this section is not chronologically tied to the narrative section, for the vision recorded here occurred back during the time Daniel served in the court of Babylon - under the rule of Belshazzar. And we are told that what we find recorded here is an account of both a dream and visions. These are messages from God, revealing that which was still to come.

The difference between Daniel's vision and Nebuchadnezzar's is that the king's vision sees the future kingdoms from man's perspective, as a glorious statue. Daniel's vision shows the kingdoms from God's perspective: bestial. The Gentile kingdoms are those which do not seek after the Lord. They are carnal, destructive and therefore self-destructive.

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