[CF Devotionals] 2007-06-17 - Good Company

Noted preacher and author Dr. Richard Sibbs has said, "My God and I are good company." Whatever else Dr. Sibbs, long gone to glory, might have said or thought, he got that right. The point being that even when we are alone, we are not alone. We have the Lord with us. However, it means more than this, because we can also take from this that when we are alone and in prayer, we have the best possible companion with us. Staying near to the Lord is hanging out with the best type of friend, even when we are all alone. In truth, we are never alone, and we can always seek the Lord in our prayers.

Living a life that abounds in praising and serving the Lord is the best kind of life, but it begins with prayer. We act out of a life that is dedicated and consecrated to the Lord. It must first be that we commit our way unto the Lord. Prayer is a great step on this path. Prayer is a way in which we prepare to praise Him with our lives. We should seek to saturate our actions and works with prayer, prior to engaging in them, and then look to be the fulfillers of our own prayers. Our endeavors are the seconding of our prayers. Our efforts are putting legs on our prayers. First we seek the Lords will, blessing, and aid, and then (often) we seek to be the very fulfillers of our prayers. In some things, this is not possible, but in many things prayer is just the start of action for us. We ask the Lord's blessing, and then look to be the instrument of the very prayer we offered. Again, we can't always act with respect to the things we have prayed concerning, but as we pray through our days, and even hours, we are often able to do this.

So what sort of company are you keeping? I ask you, because the company you keep makes all the difference in the world. Are you keeping company with the Savior, Lord, Creator, and Sustainer of the Universe? Are you settling? Only you really know. The Lord has promised that he hears us when we call to Him, (Psalm 4:3). The Lord is, as Dr. Sibbes has said, the best sort of company to keep. However, we all too often keep company with the world more than we do with the Lord. I understand we must be in the world, but when we are alone, is the Lord our best company? Do we find ourselves seeking the Lord in those times when we have alone minutes, because we find Him to be the best company, or do we seek out the radio, TV, or a video game? Only we really know what we do in those down times -- quiet moments. I encourage you, this day, to seek to resolve to use those moments when you are alone, to seek the good company of the Lord.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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