[CF Devotionals] 2007-06-10 - Daniel

Installment 55 ~ Chapter 7, Introduction

Chapter 7:1-28

As told in John Bunyan's book, Pilgrim's Progress, the character Christian had fled his home, fearful of the coming destruction promised by the Book. Obstinate and Pliable had followed him with the intent of bringing him back to his family, but he could not be turned away from the path that Evangelist had set him on. And so Obstinate returned home, while Pliable decided to accompany him. On they went across the plain, Christian keeping his eye on the light that directed him to the wicket gate.

But because Christian was hurrying, due to the sense of panic he felt over the coming destruction, he didn't look where he was going. Before he knew what had happened, both he and Pliable were up to their arms in muck. They had fallen into the slough of Despond. Pliable managed to work his way out, but on the side closest to his home, and so he decided to give up the quest. Christian strove for the opposite shore, still seeking the light. But because of his burden, he was sinking. Suddenly he heard a voice.

Suddenly Help, the very one Christian had called for, appeared and lifted him out of the Slough. Christian wanted to know why the way was unmarked, unmended. Into it ran the filth that comes from the recognition of sin, and so it overwhelms those who fall into it. The reason that Christian had fallen into it was because he had taken his eyes off the distant light which marked the steps that the King had placed into it. It was because Christian had taken his eyes off the light, and had focused on his circumstances, that he missed the way and had fallen into the Slough.

As we look at circumstances instead of the light the Lord provides, we too may find ourselves in a Slough of Despond. And as we have looked at the world this week, it seems to be one big mud puddle.

Considering Daniel's last days prophecies, the day of the "little horn," it seems as if the world will never get out of the muck and mire. But as we will see, the day will come when the Messiah's light will break forth. All who love Him will see it and know the kingdoms of darkness will fall, and the kingdom of light will stand eternally. That kingdom will be perfect. It will be God's theocracy, God's dictatorship.

Our hope is the knowledge that God is in control, will bring restoration, an end of pain, will pull us out of Despond, and will be the source of our comfort and peace. Let us share that same comfort and peace with others.

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