[CF Devotionals] 2007-06-07 - Who Cannot Save

Psalm 146:3, "Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who cannot save."

It is good advice and we all know it, but how often do we put our trust in man more than we do in God? It is not hard to find our security in that which we can see, experience and know. It is much harder to trust in God, who often seems distant, curiously "out there," and completely detached from our day-to-day lives. It is the reality that we all experience, but it should not be this way. The Psalmist here shows us that real praise to the Lord is given, when we renounce our Earthly, seen confidences, and put our trust in God who - while not seen - is much more worthy of our trust and dependence.

The Psalm starts off with, "Praise the Lord, O my soul." It starts off with the proper perspective and heightens it further in verses three and four. It is the Lord to whom praise is due - not princes, kings, presidents, or any other Earthly, created subject - including baseball players and movie stars. They all, unlike the Lord, are mortal. They are here, and then they are no more. They are not worthy of our trust in the same manner that the Lord is. They are not worthy of our praise in any fashion like the Lord is worthy. It is that in which we trust the most, that we place our greatest confidence. Reason, simple commonsense, and even our experience all tell us to place our confidence in the Lord over mortal man.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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