2007-06-04 - Shake It Off

Isaiah 52:1-2 Awake, awake! Put on your strength, O Zion; put on your beautiful garments, O Jerusalem, the holy city! For the uncircumcised and the unclean shall no longer come to you. Shake yourself from the dust, arise; sit down, O Jerusalem!

The strong taste of oppressive darkness creeps away, as the sun rises to its glory, bringing forth a new light and a new dawn. In the same way, the oppressive darkness of the evil one also crawls into oblivion, as it is destroyed by the rising glory of the Son who brings with Him a new day, a new mercy.

Awake! I say. Awake, those who are oppressed and full of sorrow and mourning! Arise and put on your strength, children of God! Dress yourselves in the beautiful garments of praise, for you are a holy city, you who are born again of the Son of Man. Your oppressors have left you, and with the new Light, even now run and hide themselves with the accursed darkness. Do not fear; they shall not return. So, again I say, arise and shake off the dust of yesterday's eve. Your Father, the Lion of Judah, cries out to you. Stand in the wake of your dawn, and shake the dust from your mane.

Dust is serpent food, and you are not dust; neither are you serpents' food. You are created in the image of God, Himself (Gen 1:27). Do not be taken in by deceptive lies designed as a weapon formed against you, for they shall not prosper. God fashioned every weapon, and they cannot harm those who are His (Isaiah 54:17). This is a promise given to us by the Author. So shall His word be that proceeds from the One who Is and Was and Will Be Again. This promise shall not return to Him before it has accomplished that which it was set out for (Isaiah 55:11-12).

Father, thank You for the rising glory of your Son, our Light in the midst of darkness. Help me to stand in the midst of the storm. When I falter, bring to my mind that I am a child of the Lion of Judah, and as an heir shall stand in the weightiness of my sorrows, lift my voice in praise, and shake the dust from my mane. Thank You that my sorrow only lasts a time, and that Your Light shall bring unto me joy. It is in Your name, I pray. AMEN!


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