2007-05-21 - A Mother's Prayer

Scriptures: Luke 11:9-13, Matthew 7:7-11

As I sat in our church's foyer, listening to the first service worship music and pondering the above verses, I realize how appropriate they are, as we have recently celebrated Mother's Day. God has blessed mothers with a special, spiritual gift for those in her family. I know how often God has told me to pray specifically for my children, stepchildren, and their mothers, as well as other family members. These verses are not just telling us to "pray for whatever we want," as I believe is suggested in the NKJV Nelson's Study Bible, but rather for what is "spiritually beneficial."

Father God, In praying for our families and loved ones, help us to remember Your heart and will. What a blessing You have given all women, whether mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, mother, daughter-in-law, or friend. You have given us a great blessing, to hold an amazing power of prayer in what we ask. Let us recognize that beautiful awesome gift - and rise up to the Godly challenge to us - mightily, for Your glory. In Jesus' Name, AMEN!


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