[CF Devotionals] 2007-05-06 - Daniel

Installment 49 ~ Chapter 6

Verses 1-5: In these opening verses, Daniel describes the makeup of the latest government in which he found himself involved.

"King Cyrus divided his enormous empire into twenty provinces, and appointed a governor to rule each providence. Each province formerly had been an independent kingdom with its own king. Thus, each governor replaced a former king. 'As a successor to a former king, ruling a truly enormous territory, he was in point of fact himself a monarch, and was surrounded by a miniature court.' As a result, it has been said of Darius that he 'ruled as an independent monarch.' 3

So Darius appointed three administrators who had total authority over the 120 mini-kingdoms. Each was probably responsible for 40 areas. And one of the three administrators was Daniel. So God's in control, right?

In fact, Daniel was such a superb administrator that Darius decided to put him over everyone. He had total authority, and answerered only to Darius. This clearly was God's working. But it didn't go over big with Daniel's colleagues. They were furious. While this might have been simply politics as usual, it may also have been a reflection of Anti-Semitism and an attitude towards the Jews as an inferior people.

What is so interesting about these politicians' statements? Daniel's testimony was so clear, that they realized they couldn't bring him down based on any shortcoming on his part. He was a man of integrity. They also realized something else: his total commitment to God. This would be the weapon that they could use against him.

How can our testimony be as obvious as Daniel's? It might be appropriate to ask on a regular basis, "Is there enough evidence to convict us of being believers?"

3 Longman III, Tremper, The NIV Application Commentary, "Daniel," Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, MI, 1999, p. 60-61.

To be continued.

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