2007-02-27 - More than a Conqueror

Part 2 ~ Originally Published 2005-12-20

Quick Sum-Up

  • (vs 2) God will prepare you for His works, often times by giving us a head's up.

  • (vs 3) Jehoshaphat knew the same power fear can have over all of us during the storms of life. We can use his example to choose to seek the Lord, instead of allowing our fear to control us and our actions.

  • (vs 5-7) Proclaim the Lord's goodness, faithfulness and His incomparable compassion and power. Bring to mind God's past deliverances and promises kept. (Nelson's NKJV vs6-12; 13:5,12) [success requires God's favor. If God is for you, you can not lose.]

  • (vs 9) God still inhabits His temples…His children. "if disaster comes upon us –sword, judgment, pestilence, or famine- we will stand before this temple and in Your presence (for Your name is in this temple), and cry out to You in our affliction, and you will hear and save."

  • (vs 12) "Them" = powers of darkness, not flesh and blood Jehoshaphat acknowledges in front of everyone, including wives, children, and little ones - that he doesn't know what to do or how to handle it. Yet he shows reemphasis in his faith. This is a lesson for all of us. Men, do not be too proud to fall down before the Lord in front of your family. They need to see how much you trust and rely on Him for everything. Women, do not be intimidated; also let your children see you crying out to the Lord God. It is vital for us to teach our children that there are times there is nothing we can do, but look to God, wait for His answer, and simply trust.

  • (vv 14-17) God still speaks to us today, reminding us to listen to His voice, His words. We do not have to feel overwhelmed by our circumstances…for the battle is not ours, but God's.

    • Go ahead, face your battles. You don't need to turn away or do nothing because you are either too fearful to face it. Remember, you do not need to fight the battle. Position yourselves, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, who is with you.

    • Interesting Note: (Dictionary.com) Dismayed is defined as: to destroy the courage or resolution of by exciting dread or apprehension, to cause to lose enthusiasm, disillusion; to upset or alarm; and a sudden or complete loss of courage in the face of trouble or danger. Thesaurus gives synonyms such as: aghast, alarmed, anxious, cowardly, disheartened, horrified, intimidated, perplexed, and suspicious.

    • The Lord repeats to us "Go out against them tomorrow, for the Lord is with you. (against…an unusual term when they themselves are not fighting). Again, "them" refers to the powers of darkness. This is the reason the battle is not ours.

  • (vs 19) Get out of your prayer closets, and show your family the truth of God's word! There is a time for your prayer closet, and there is a time to come out, to be an example for others. A battle is not won alone! AFTER the king humbled himself before God, THEN the others followed and stood up to praise God "with voices loud and high."

  • (vs20) As you begin to face your challenges, the Lord will continue encourage you. "Believe in the Lord your God and you shall be established; believe His prophets and you shall prosper." He encouraged them more than once to BELIEVE. God speaks to us directly, because now He lives within us. If someone gives you a word, receive it (always double check with God, He will confirm it within you) but you don't have to receive a word from someone else to hear God's voice. Just listen. (Nelson's notes: success in Serving god requires complete trust in Him. See John 14:1)

  • (vs 21-24) Set aside your feelings (acknowledge them, but don't allow them to control your responses). CHOSE to trust and praise Him for the victory you can't see or even imagine. Before you reach your battlefield, the battle will have already begun. With faith and trust, once you reach the overlook, you will see God's promised word fulfilled. Understand God's message: He can and will accomplish everything for His children, even without their help.

  • Praise, Sing, and thank Him for the outcome, because we already know that ALL things work together for good to those that love Him. That's a promise, not just a statement. It's a contract by God Himself.

    See also: vs16 see 2 Sam 23:12; vs22-23 see Ex 23:27; vs22 see Ex 11:7-8 Exodus 23:20-23; 2 Kings 2:13-17; Joshua 9:15 - 10:14; Heb 13:5;

    John 14:27 His peace is a spiritual peace, and his rest is one that operates in the midst of the storm – not in its absence.

    (And Kirk Franklin's song, "STOMP," ministers to me in this area.)

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