[CF Devotionals] 2006-07-16 - Daniel

Installment 8 - Chapter 2 Introduction

Chapter 2:1-23

The most important message we are going to see over the coming sessions, is that God is in control. The specific prophetic aspects of Daniel are not the most important issues of the book. What is important is what Daniel tells us about God and His relationship to His children.

The following happened a number of years ago. I check my answering machine from my part-time job on a regular basis. On this occasion, the message I retrieved was an apparent death threat. Though the caller sounded drunk, my immediate reaction was to take it seriously. The reason was that I was dealing with a couple of cases where the husbands just might be capable of doing something dangerous.

The question we have to ask ourselves is: How do we respond to the trials of life? Are we thrown into panic, which as an immediate response may happen? But then, do we do the only thing we can when life is out of control, or at least appears to be? Well, let's see how Daniel deals with his first death threat.

Oh by the way, I wasn't killed!

  1. Introduction
  2. A Troubled King Verses 1-3
  3. The Troubled "Wise Men" Verses 4-11
  4. The Angry King Verses 12-16
  5. A Prayerful Daniel Verses 17-18
  6. A Praising Daniel Verses 19-23

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