[CF Devotionals] 2006-07-08 - Your Resume

Part 2 - Originally Published 2002-11-09

Hey my Friends,

Last week I asked you think about what the resume of the Pharisee and tax collector would look like coming from their hearts.

What would the Pharisee's resume look like?

  • Pharisee

    Is one of God's chosen people, Is pure, Is undefiled, Is just, Keeps the law, Prays, Participates in leading temple services, Reads the Scripture, Does good works, Keeps the Sabbath, Is not a thief, Is not an adulterer, Thinks he is perfect, Is thankful he's not like the publican. (A lot of pride and all puffed up!)

What would the Tax Collector's resume look like?

  • Tax Collector

    Steals, Cheats, Attends temple services, Is willing to give mercy, Is humble, Is ready to trust God by faith, Seeks for God's mercy, Recognizes he is a Sinner.

Now, let's compare my resume to theirs.

Pharisee - One of God's chosen people, who is pure, undefiled, just, a keeper of the law, who prays, participates in leading temple services, reads the Scripture, does good works, keeps the Sabbath, is not a thief, not an adulterer, thinks he's perfect and is thankful he's not like the publican.

Me - child of my Lord, Christian, teacher, leader in the church, student, Computer Technician, servant, friend, prayer warrior, Bible-reader (Am I?).

Tax Collector - steals, cheats, recognizes he is a sinner, attends temple services, is merciful, is humble, is ready to trust God by faith and seeks for God's mercy.

Isn't it interesting how my resume looks more like the Pharisee's than the Tax Collector's? My resume doesn't say that I am a sinner. But if I say that I don't sin, then I am a liar. Hmm, chalk up another two points for my resume. A liar, and a sinner.

We'll continue the devotional study next week.

God Bless You My Friends

In Christ,

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