[CF Devotionals] 2006-06-05 - What's All the Confusion About?

Part 1

Please note: The views in this devotional do not necessarily reflect those of all cfdevotionals' staff members. However we believe this is a very good devotional that makes some very poignant points, and we are proud to present it.

Last night, my children and I went out to see the Da Vinci Code. It was interesting, to say the least. But all around me, I hear people saying how grieved they are at the atrocities happening today in society; how evil it's become. Christians are concerned about the state of godlessness in the world. And so it's true. Yet, have we not been told of this time? Have we not been told that His children will see what others do not and that we must hold with firm resolve and strength to His faith? He has promised to see us through.

The one thing that really gripped me about the Da Vinci Code Movie was its timing. Looking back, I recall how God always provides for us before we go through trials. At least, He has always provided for me before going through a trial. So I do not find it at all ironic that The Passion of the Christ came out FIRST. I, personally, believe that God fully intentioned it that way to give us the opportunity to see, know, and accept the truth; to prepare us for the deception with the movie and book of The Da Vinci Code.

There were several things I noticed about the movie that directly go against the Word of God. First of which is the confusion surrounding it from beginning to end. God is not the God of confusion. The second would be the secrecy, the hidden things….all things secret will be revealed in the end.

Yet the most obvious and horrendous lies in it lies within the "idea" that in order to "protect" the true identity of Christ as Deity, they protect the so-called heirs through ceremonial rituals filled with paganistic sexual orgies. The very things that go against the very word of God were supposedly used to protect the so-called "heirs" of God.

Tom Hanks' closing words to "the princess" laid it clearly on the table. It's up to you, personally, to decide which to chose, how to choose; it comes from within. In one breath, he says that when he was down in the well, he called out for Jesus to help him - and in the next declares that maybe it was just calling into within himself, or to be able to grasp at anything to give him hope. He thought it was amazing that this "man" Jesus would die for us, yet…what would a simple death do for anyone? How could a "man" take upon the sins of the world? It's impossible. The movie, in my opinion, is full of loopholes and blatant fallacies, but to me, it is still something to praised.

To be continued.

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