[CF Devotionals] 2006-01-08 - The Insanity of Atheism

Psalm 14, Introduction

A few years back I visited an individual who was then in the Sacramento County jail, awaiting sentencing on five felony counts. As might be expected, he was suffering from major stress, a result of a number of fears and concerns: What would his sentence be? What would the evaluation process at `Vacaville' be like? Where would he end up? Would he be in any danger from other inmates? What would he do when and if he ever got out, since he wouldn't be able to get a job, etc.

Now, I won't say there wasn't validity to many of his concerns. But the reality was that he couldn't do anything about any of them. And certainly worrying about what he would do when he got out was premature. The most important thing he needed to deal with was how to take something positive out of what was a very negative situation. He needed to leave tomorrow to the Lord.

Using the example of Joseph and Paul, he needed to come to understand that God could help him grow, and could use him even in prison, if he was willing. Therefore, as he faced many years in prison, he would need to grow in his relationship with God. He would see the damage in the lives of many who function as atheists, who try to live on their own. And as a result, he could come to understand, in a very real sense, that to try to survive prison without God really is insane.

All humanity actually lives in prison, the prison of this world. And today, just as in other ages, to live without God is true insanity. So in this study, let us see what David has to say about the insanity of atheism.

Introduction: We are going to follow the same approach as in other studies of Psalms. First, we'll look at the text. In doing so, we will discover there are two kinds of atheism. The first, actual atheism, requires the response of a strong witness for the Lord.

The second, practical atheism, is a problem we may struggle with in our own lives. And atheism is insane, be it actual or practical.

To be continued.

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