[CF Devotionals] 2006-01-07 - Salt That Has Lost Its Flavor

Blessings in Christ my Friend,

I want to talk about salt for a moment.

The expression "salt that has lost its flavor" comes from Jesus, who compared his disciples to salt and their uselessness if they lost their "flavor," their commitment to Christ (Mark 9:50).

Strictly speaking, sodium chloride (salt) is a stable compound and does not lose its saltiness. However, most salt in Palestine came from the Dead Sea, where other minerals and sand were mixed with it. The salt could dissolve, leaving a useless, tasteless compound.

When we compromise our lives in Christ, we allow other compounds to come in and our salt, saltiness, becomes useless, and tasteless. When we go out with friends who are not Christians and join them in the things we once did before we were Christians, we compromise our commitment to God.

Note: It's okay to go out with your non-Christian friends once in a while; however, in my opinion, I would not go to the old hangouts where I used to go. I'm a new creation in Christ, and I want to show forth that difference to my friends, so I won't do the same things I used to do just to please them and have "fun". I'm going to take them somewhere else, where our old habits can't get in the way of Christ.

It's my prayer that you would be strengthened in your saltiness by the Holy Spirit to do what is loving and right in the sight of God, so that he would be glorified before your friends. "He must increase, I must decrease." Who knows, by your testimony, your friends may come to know Christ as Lord and Savior, and you may see your friends in Heaven and get to really have a party.

God bless you my friends.

In Christ,

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