[PC-USA] 2006-01-06 - Is That All There Is?

Epiphany Day 2006

Several decades ago, Peggy Lee recorded a song entitled "Is that all there is?" (Author unknown - I tried to verify authorship but was unable.) Do you sometimes feel that way at the end of the Christmas celebration? The presents are opened (and some tossed aside already). The lights and beautiful decorations are packed away for another year. Holiday music has been supplanted by non-seasonal tunes. Special services are behind us, and some of us are left pondering the question "is that all there is?"

Today, January 5th is officially the last (12th) day of Christmas, the day before Epiphany. What does it all mean for the remaining 11 months of the year?

What it should mean for us Christians was warbled by the Carpenters back in the 1970s, "We've Only Just Begun." We have a new year ahead of us. A new slate, as is every day with God, when we confess our sins (See 1 John 1:9). A new year of opportunities for serving Christ. A new year of adventures with God.

Much humanitarian good comes from Christmas. There really is a "Christmas spirit" of goodwill that brings out the best in people. The hungry are fed. The spirit of charity is at its height.

But for us Christians, every day should be a celebration of Christmas. Every day, we should thank God for the salvation provided by the birth and death of Christ. Every day, we should spread abroad the love of Christ to our fellowman, both among loved ones and strangers.

I urge you (and myself) to make every day Christmas Day in 2006.

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