[CF Devotionals] 2005-12-21 - In the Beginning

Genesis 1:1 - In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

If you want to know why things are the way that they are, go to the beginning. If you want to know how something happened, go to the beginning. Trace every thing, every word, every action… to its origin and you will find that everything has a starting point. In the beginning… at the start of it… in the beginning, God.

God was there, here, and everywhere before there, here and everything began. Before time began, God was. Before the world was here, God was there. Before everything... God.

It is so wonderful to know that when things in my life are uncertain, there is a beginning, and that God is in that beginning. When I am looking for answers, God is there holding my questions firmly in His hands, because He is at the beginning.

I can trust an unknown tomorrow to God, because He is already there, He is in the beginning, in the present and in the future. He's worked it out; He knows the end of all things, because He is at the beginning - looking forward.

He can say, "Trust me", because He is holding the world in His hands - from the beginning. I can begin to trust Him, because I know that He is there. In the beginning, in the middle and in the end, God is here.

I can't fathom forever, I can't understand eternity. But, one thing is certain to me – God is there. Already. God is here. Already. And God is in my future. Already.

In the beginning, God.

Father, when things seem so scary; when life twists and turns itself upside down on me, it is so good to know that You haven't missed a turn. You are there waiting for me to trust You. You have my tomorrows locked up in Your hands, and You already know the paths that You have set for me. Oh, God, help me trust You with all things. Thank You for knowing me from the beginning.

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