[CF Devotionals] 2005-11-13 - Who You Gonna Trust?

Psalm 12, Part 1

1 For the director; upon "the eighth." A psalm of David.
2 Help, O Yahweh, for the devoted man has ceased,
 faithful men have disappeared from the sons of men!
3 Falsehood they speak, each with his neighbor,
 with pernicious lips and a double mind they speak.
4 May Yahweh cut off all pernicious lips,
 every tongue that speaks distortions,
5 Those who boast, "By our tongue we are powerful,
 our weapon is our lips,
 Who shall master us?'
6 'For the sobs of the poor,
 the groans of the needy,
 Will I now arise,' says Yahweh,
 'I will give my help to him who longs for it.'
7 The promises of Yahweh
 are promises unalloyed
 silver purged in a crucible,
 of clay refined seven times.
8 You, O Yahweh, have protected us,
 you have guarded us from everlasting, O Eternal One.
9 On every side the wicked prowl,
 digging pits for the sons of men. 1

Sometimes it is frustrating being a pastor, not that I personally get frustrated. One of the problems that really concerns those who are committed to an accurate handling of the word, is the number of people that come into the Church, having been burned by some other church. Their needs have been ignored, or they have been taught badly, or in some cases, they have even been lied to. If you can't trust your church, who you gonna trust?

Frequently, I have counseled individuals who have been abused in one way or another by family members, including parents. As children, their trust was violated by the actions of the adults around them. Now they are dealing with the pain of this abuse - and its consequences to their approaches to life. If you can't trust your family, who you gonna trust?

Often when a couple comes for marriage counseling, their problems relate to unfulfilled expectations. They desire that their spouse meets certain standards. It may be that these desires are appropriate. Somehow one spouse often fails the other. If you can't trust your spouse, who you gonna trust?

In Psalm 12, we will endeavor to come up with the final answer to the question: "Who you gonna trust?" Not unexpectedly, we will see that the only one who is totally trust worthy is the Lord.

1 Dahood, Mitchell, The Anchor Bible, "Psalms 1," Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1978, pg. 72.

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