[CF Devotionals] 2005-11-11 - Introducing Bob

It is my distinct pleasure to introduce you to Bob, and now that he has joined us, our staff is now fully complete! Tonight, we are delighted to share with you a biographical introduction / testimony from Bob! We feel that Bob will be a great asset and will contribute to the diversity of our staff!

Hi to my new friends and co-servants of the LORD at CFDevotionals.org:

I cannot thank God enough for the honor of leading me to you through my friend, Harry, a cfdevotionals reader and the leader of the Saturday morning men's Bible study that I attend. He had heard my heart in my prayer requests for a channel to open up to me, for an occasion to share the thoughts and devotions that the LORD continually gives to me - and he introduced me to the minsistry of cfdevotionals. It is my tremendous blessing and joy to be given the opportunity to humbly share in the services that the ministry of cfdveotionals.org provides from the LORD, to a world who needs to know Him - and to the many who have come to love Him as we do.

I have seen the LORD "bless" me so much in the nearly twenty-two years since the age of forty when I came to believe in Jesus Christ as my LORD and Savior, that it is difficult to imagine why I did not notice long before I did, how empty my life was without Him. Now, I think that God invented the concept of "grace" just for me. He knew that His undeserved favor would change my direction from my former lifestyle of focusing all of my attention on myself - to giving the LORD Jesus Christ my full attention instead. At a time when I was broken and helpless, I was introduced to God by His voice audibly telling me, "If you will give Me your life, I will make something of it." I agreed, and He immediately began proving He would be faithful to His promise. In return for His grace, I have strived to learn about "real life" from His Word - and to help others know Jesus Christ, so that their lives will not be wasted away on the things of this world, as mine was for so many years.

From the beginning of my new life in Christ in 1984, I realized that I was no longer to serve my wants, but His. The LORD made it known to me early in my Christian walk that He has chosen me for difficult tasks, by showing me the Scriptures: Isaiah 49:6 - "to bring His salvation to the ends of the earth" and Acts 26:17-18 - to turn people "from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God". In 1986, the LORD wrestled with me while I was jogging one morning, and would not let me go home until I agreed to quit my job as a carpenter and go to full-time Bible college. I am privileged to have seen my faith in Jesus Christ proven continually, as He has done many miracles in answer to prayers.

The LORD helped me to graduate in 1990 with a Bachelor's degree in Bible and missions from Holmes Bible College in Greenville, SC - the oldest pentecostal Holiness Bible college. I knew "from the beginning" that the Holy Spirit had first given me the gift of extreme faith - and then gifted me with a love for the lost, for His people, and for teaching the Bible. Jesus has led me to gather His sheep together in small groups, and to teach the Bible to youth groups, senior groups, Life groups, and the families of my six sons. He has given me the extreme joy of seeing many lost souls, in my family and elsewhere, to come out of the darkness and into His Light - to become beautifully filled with His love and given new and lasting hope.

Two wonderful ways that the LORD Jesus Christ has proven His faithfulness to me have been to "get me through" the experience of a broken neck in 1997 - without being paralyzed - and to open the door to a regular mission field. The LORD showed me the remarkable answer to a fifteen-year prayer when He sent me for the first time, in 2001, on a short-term mission trip to the Philippines - and now, twice since then. Jesus has also directed my concern for sharing the truths His Spirit teaches me daily, by helping me to write devotions that will encourage others in their faith - and to a greater commitment in following Him.

I truly hope to be as useful for the LORD Jesus Christ with the devotions the Holy Spirit gives to me, as all of the other folks at cfdevotioanals have been. May God bless our union and multiply through us the knowledge of His Son, and our LORD, in greater ways than we can imagine. We will be accomplishing the LORD's will in what I now see as His timing for us to come together in these very troubled times, with the truth that the LORD's people need to know better - and that the world needs to hear for the first time. I thank God, the members of cfdevotionals, and all of you in our fellowship of devotional readers - for considering me as a partner in the LORD's work. I am praying for you all to accomplish the greatest possible good for God's Kingdom and His glory, by studying His Word and living for Jesus everyday. Please pray for me to always receive what God wants me to share, and to always be obedient to His Word and His Spirit.

I love you with the love of the LORD,
Brother Bob