[PC-USA] 2005-11-04 - Have You Lost Your Jingle?

Our dog Pierre has several tags on his collar, engraved with all our phone numbers, so that we can be called if he is found (recommended to all pet owners, or try an implanted chip!). Every time he wants to go out, wants us to wake up - or is just especially excited, he shakes, to make himself jingle. It's my favorite sound in the world - I would rather hear that than my very favorite song! But a few months ago, Pierre developed an allergic reaction to a flea prevention treatment. Subsequently, because of the irritation around his neck, we had to keep the collar off when he was indoors. It was so sad; he would shake, but there was just silence! Pierre had lost his jingle.

Have you lost your jingle? Do you still have joy when you read God's word, excitement about attending your house of worship, eager anticipation when you think about prayer time?

Most of us go through "dry" times spiritually. It doesn't mean we are weak in faith. Most godly people go through this at one time or another, and if you don't believe it, read about Nehemiah. It simply means we are human. God often uses those times to teach us, and later to enable us to help others.

How can you recapture your jingle? Try reading the Bible from a fresh version. ASK God to help revitalize your spiritual life. "Ask and you shall receive." God will be delighted to answer this prayer. Spend time with Christians who have a joyous spiritual life; it really is contagious.

If you have lost your jingle, hang in there. It will return, if you are patient and persistent.

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