[CF Devotionals] 2005-10-23 - Your Resume, Part 2

Originally Published 2002-11-09

Now let's compare my resume to theirs.

Pharisee - One of God's chosen people, who is pure, undefiled, just, a keeper of the law, who prays, participates in leading temple services, reads the Scripture, does good works, keeps the Sabbath, is not a thief, not an adulterer, thinks he's perfect and is thankful he's not like the publican.

Me - child of my Lord, Christian, teacher, leader in the church, student, Computer Technician, servant, friend, prayer warrior, Bible-reader (Am I?).

Tax Collector - steals, cheats, recognizes he is a sinner, attends temple services, is merciful, is humble, is ready to trust God by faith and seeks for God's mercy.

Isn't it interesting how my resume looks more like the Pharisee's than the Tax Collector's?

My resume doesn't say that I am a sinner. But if I say that I don't sin, then I am a liar. Hmm, chalk up another two points for my resume. A liar, and a sinner.

Jesus responded by asking, "which of these two men went away to their house justified?" Jesus said, "the Tax Collector."

We need to recognize our sinful condition, and that this is the same sinful condition of those that we know as the lost, who are condemned and going to Hell apart from God. We need to recognize we are no different than they are, except for our relationship with Christ. If we are not abiding in Christ daily through prayer, Bible reading, fellowship, breaking of bread in the remembrance of the finished work of Christ, and evangelism, how are we then to abound our love to others? If we don't remain in Christ, then we are no different than the Pharisee. Do we love God, and do we love others too? What does your resume say about you?

To be continued

God Bless You, My Friends!

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