[PC-USA] 2005-10-14 - Let the Light In

Recently I was cleaning my kitchen after a big meal. I visually scanned all the counters around the stove, sink and island - and was quite pleased. But then I turned on the under-cabinet lights, and what I saw did not please me at all! I started cleaning all over again. The light illuminated the dirty areas.

What about our lives? We may look impressive on the outside, like upstanding, fine people. But some of us don't look the same on the inside. If God shines His light on our hearts, what will He find?

Hatred of someone who wronged us?

Envy of a coworker?

Wishing bad things will happen to someone we don't like?

Doing good works so that people will say "wow, look at what he/she does!" instead of in a spirit of humble service?

Let's ask God to shine His light into our hearts, to let us know what's dirty and guide us in cleaning up.

Psalm 139:1 (CEV) O LORD, you have searched me, and you know me.

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