[CF Devotionals.org 2005-09-26 - Observing the Wicked

Psalm 10, Part 4

Verse 1: This verse looks at a hard truth. There is clearly injustice on a day-to-day basis. The follower of God often feels as if his prayers are bouncing off the ceiling. I know there are times when I feel this way, even when I know this isn't the case. It seems as if the righteous are being pulled down by circumstances and the wicked, yet God is nowhere to be found.

Verse 2-3: The specific problem the poet is dealing with is the acts of the wicked and the resulting lack of faith in the concerns of the Lord. What are the characteristics of the unrighteous?

First, they are typified by selfishness. They believe the world revolves around them. This is demonstrated by their arrogance and a sneaking, scheming disposition, which leads to abuse of the weak. They boast in this selfishness and live as they choose, while at the same time attacking God. These are the con artists. They effectively devise ways in which they can benefit themselves to the detriment of those around them. There is a sense of unhealthy excitement here. These individuals see themselves as hunters, and the rest of humanity as prey placed here for their own benefit.

The unrighteous are proud of their sin. They boast of their accomplishments. This is certainly symptomatic of the world today. Men brag of what they have done, as if their acts were good. But, as we are told, we live in an upside-down world where that which is evil is good, and that which is righteous is now wrong.

And as a final consequence of this attitude, God is seen as the killjoy who interferes with the will of man. Consequently, God is cursed by the unrighteous.

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