[CF Devotionals] Devotional - 2005-07-21 - The Silence

Originally Published 1997-06-19

Revelation 8:1 And when he broke the seventh seal, there was silence in Heaven for about half an hour.

I think of this as the, definitive article, silence in the Bible, because it is the last. The first six judgments have been unleashed on the earth and mankind. There has been cold war, open war, famine, death, and massive physical disruptions in the events of man and our home planet. Each time one of the seals on the Title Deed to the Earth is peeled back, a cataclysm rattles the domain of the one who has attempted to usurp control of this Earth.

The Earth, just like all of creation, was made by and belongs to God. This usurper has attempted to place his throne above the Most High God in Genesis. For this rebellion, he was cast down to Earth with his followers. And now, here in the recounting of the Revelation to the Apostle John, his reign of terror ends in utter defeat.

The usurper has led many away, deceiving them that either he will win in the end, or that there is no God to make accounting to at the end of your life. All this time, God has graciously unfolded the Plan of the Ages to a fallen race that would rather turn its back on this One who loves them enough to die in their place. I find this moment to be very telling of the character of God. Through the first six devastating events, there has be little or no pause. No relenting of the power being arrayed against the Earth and its inhabitants. There has also been no relenting on the opposite side either. There is no record of anyone yielding and crying out to God for mercy and forgiveness. Maybe they believe the lie that the enemy has told them, that God is dead. And they would rather believe that, even when faced with God and His matchless strength and power.

But now, there is this pause. In the verses just before this, we are told of an assembled multitude of Gentiles. There are legions of angels present as the scene unfolds. And the Lion of the Tribe of Judah lifts His hand, and there is complete silence from all these creatures for thirty minutes. What is happening? God is waiting for that one voice, that one heart to relent and cry out to Him in faith for salvation. Sadly, though the door remains open, that cry never comes.

I do not know why, when even confronted directly with the existence and power of God, they will not submit. Is it human pride or arrogance? Is it that they cannot accept who this Visitor is? We will know some day, maybe soon.

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus. Amen

Grace & Peace,

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