[CF Devotionals] 2005-06-04 - Wrestle with the Lord

Psalm 5, Part 6

  1. Conclusion: Now there are three points I want to take from this passage.

    1. The first is that God is a just and righteous God. Accordingly, we can approach Him regarding all that concerns us, because He is also loving and merciful.

    2. Second, while God is just, and does hate all unrighteousness, as His followers in the Church Age, it would be inappropriate for us to pray that God would bring down judgment on the wicked, as we observe the psalmist praying.

    3. Finally, we can rejoice in the security available to us through our prayer life. The greatest gift we have, next to our salvation, is direct access to the God who holds all things in His hands.

    Based on these factors, we need to be in prayer for the concerns of our heart. Too often, we feel guilty if we continually go to God regarding the same concerns. We sometimes are told this demonstrates a lack of faith. Maybe sometimes it does, but then again, if we are burdened by something, then we need to go to the Lord for relief. Prayer is to be a continuing work. As we struggle through the difficulties of our lives, then we need to depend on God and prayer is part of that process.

    It isn't wrong for individuals to wrestle with the Lord over the question of the need for work, or spending time dealing with career directions or anything. Take time to talk to the Lord about the pain of a marriage, or the fears in raising children. If I am to serve those to whom I've been called, then I must make them an ongoing issue in my prayer life, a task at which I often fall far short. King David is our example, for many of the prayers found in Psalms deal with the same battles and concerns, but he shows us the blessing and comfort that come from an ongoing relationship with the Lord.

To be continued.

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