[CF Devotionals] 2005-02-13 - Who's in Charge?

Psalm 2, Part 5

There is an alternative to rebellion and judgment. Mankind, from the least to the greatest, has the opportunity to turn to God. The end of revolt requires a recognition of personal sinfulness, that God is all authority and power, and that it is only by throwing one's self on His mercy, and coming to Him on His terms, that His wrath can be assuaged.

Men must worship God - give Him the awe and reverence that is His due. Notice that not only must one worship God, but also Messiah. They are instructed to kiss the son, that is to give Him the honor God requires. For those who say "I believe in God, but I don't think it is necessary to accept Messiah," the Lord says "either do homage, or wrath will fall on you."

Finally, for mankind, the question will change! It will no longer be, "Who's in charge?" The answer will be obvious - Messiah. The question will be whether men will follow Him and be saved - or continue to rebel and be judged. I think that has always been the question; most people just don't admit it!

So where does this leave us? It is our responsibility to bring this question before men. It is the reality of Messiah's ultimate victory and His authority which gives us the courage to disseminate this message. It is our relationship with Him that empowers us to live within the midst of this reality.

To be continued.

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