[CF Devotionals] 2005-01-22 - Love for Kitty

Hello my Friends,

I hope that you are doing well. As of Wednesday, I have returned to classes for the Spring Semester at Seminary.

Today, I have a simple analogy to share with you, which I got from a kitty that I recently adopted. My new Kitty's name is Ebenezer, which means "Up to now the Lord has been our help." I call him "Ebby" for short.

As you may know, kitties can be a little ferocious - clawing, biting, pouncing, attacking and beating things up such as kitty toys, other kitties, your furniture, and or you! At other times, they can be very gentle, sweet, loving, playful and want you to pet them and scratch their chin, neck, behind the ears. And they purr and let you know that they love it when you're doing all of that.

I have a little kitty toy. It's a wand with a leopard-colored strip of cloth, about an inch wide and four feet long. Ebby loves to grab at it as I drag it across the floor.

Sometimes I love to tangle Ebby up in it. Then he fights and bites his way out of what has captured him.

The analogy here is between the kitty captured in the leopard cloth, and us as we are captured up by God in his Love.

Imagine that the leopard cloth is God's love, and that God, through Christ, is controlling the wand. And He's trying to wrap us up in His love. Yet what does the analogy show, how we normally respond? It finds us attacking, running from and fighting against the very love that God wants to give us, and is trying to love us with.

How much love are we missing out on because we fight against God? How many blessings are we missing? How much stress are we putting ourselves through, and how much baggage are we hanging onto, because we want to save ourselves our way and not trust Jesus Christ?

If you want to know how to receive God's love, then e-mail me. I show you how to free yourself from the fight against God's love, and how to receive it.

Also you can catch my next devotional, entitled "It's Simple to Be Saved."

God Bless You My Friends,

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