[NOBTS Seminary] 2005-01-08 - Jesus' Claims to be God

Encore 2003-11-15

Hello Friends,

I want to briefly talk to you today about Jesus Claims to be God. Many people look at Jesus as just a good teacher. Many believe he was a liar, or that he had a demon in Him - or that he was crazy.

When you look at Jesus' claims to be God, you can dismiss them as many have done - just ignore them and go about your own life, or you can sit, listen to them, and truly make an honest decision for yourself.

There are three alternatives that lead to a decision:

  1. His Claims were False

    1. Jesus Knew His Claims were False.
      • He made a deliberate misrepresentation.
      • He was a liar.
      • He was a hypocrite.
      • He was a demon.
      • He was a fool, for He died for it.

    2. Jesus Did Not Know His Claims were False.
      • He was sincerely deluded.
      • He was a lunatic.


  2. His Claims are True.

    1. He is the LORD.
      "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6

Now you only have two alternatives:

  1. You can accept, because you believe His claims to be true,


  2. You can reject, because you believe His Claims to be false God bless you, my friends.

God bless you my friends.

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