[Papercut Press] 2005-01-03 - Tim's Thoughts

No verse, no topic...very unusual for me. I am still watching the news when I get a few free moments and find the Tsunami statistics amazing. I know I have received e-mails from Indonesia and Thailand regarding these devotionals, and thus I know they go all over the world. It is frightening to even think that it is possible that some of those who read these devotionals might have died in this world tragedy. But as I said on last Monday (when I was bold enough to say the death toll was reaching 11,000), cheer up, it is going to get worse. We are just beginning to hear the numbers pour in. There are islands that have not even been reached. I am so thankful for what Mike and Jan have written on this also. Rather than read my dribble, I ask that you take a moment and pray for those in need. May those who are helping run and not grow weary, walk, and not grow faint.

Only God's Glory,

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