[Papercut Press] 2004-08-02 - Jesus Admired in Us

1 Thessalonians 1:10, "When He comes to be glorified in His saints on that day, and to be marveled at among all who have believed, for our testimony to you was believed.

This is an interesting passage from Spurgeon. It has a little something for everyone, Christian and non-Christian. I thought the section at the end, of how those who we might shy away from because of appearance or affliction will look when glorified in Christ, to be of particular use and interest.

"First, the text suggests that the principal subject for self-examination with us all should be--Am I a saint? Am I holy? Am I believer in Christ? Yes or no, for on that yea or no must hang your glorification of Christ, or your banishment from his presence.

"The next thing is -- observe the small value of human opinion. When Christ was here, the world reckoned him to be a nobody, and while his people are here, they must expect to be judged in the same way. What do worldlings know about it? How soon will their judgment be reversed! When our Lord shall appear, even those who sneered will be compelled to admire. When they shall see the glory of Christ in every one of his people, awe-stricken, they will have nothing to say against us; nay, not even the false tongue of malicious slander shall dare to hiss out a serpent word in that day. Never mind them, then; put up with reproach which shall so soon be silenced.

"The next suggestion is a great encouragement to inquirers who are seeking Christ; for I put it to you, you great sinner, if Jesus is to be glorified in saved sinners, would he not be glorified indeed if he saved you? If he were ever to save such a rebel as you have been, would it not be the astonishment of eternity? I mean you who are known in the village as Wicked Jack, or known as a common swearer -- what if my Master were to make a saint of you! Bad raw material! Yet suppose he transformed you into a precious jewel, and made you to be as holy as God is holy, what would you say of him? "Say of him," say you, "I would praise him world without end." Yes, and you shall do so, if you will come and trust him. Put your trust in him. The Lord help you to do so at once, and he shall be admired, even in you, forever and ever.

Our text gives an exhortation to believers also. Will Jesus Christ be honored and glorified in all the saints? Then let us think well of them all, and love them all. Some dear children of God have uncomely bodies, or they are blind or deformed, or maimed; and many of these have scanty purses, and it may be the church knows most of them as coming for alms: moreover, they have little knowledge, little power to please, and they are uncouth in manners, and belong to what are called the lowest ranks of society. Do not, therefore, despise them, for one day our Lord will be glorified in them. How he will be admired in yonder poor bedridden woman, when she rises from the workhouse to sing hallelujah to God and the Lamb, among the brightest of the shining ones. Why, methinks the pain, the poverty, the weakness, and the sorrow of saints below will greatly glorify the Captain of their salvation, as they tell how grace helped them to bear their burdens and to rejoice under their afflictions."

Soli Deo Gloria,

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