[Calvary Chapel] 2004-06-03 - Carpentry and Prayer

1 Thess 5:17 pray without ceasing; (NAS)

When is carpentry like prayer?

This afternoon a two-by-three foot piece of sheet rock crashed to the floor in the utility room. It had become soaked from rain water that had gotten in through a very small hole just under the roof line. There was no other damage and no one was hurt. And there was almost no way to see it coming.

This section of the house is right at the point where an addition and the original building meet. Because of the way the two pieces of construction meet, there is a pocket in the attic that is inaccessible. This is where the rain would leak in and slowly caused the problem that happened today.

So how is carpentry like prayer?

Well, we knew there was a small leak. It would drip down the edge of a beam right at the edge of the addition. I had been in the attic and had not seen anything that appeared serious. A contractor had been called, but had not yet responded until this morning. Even then, there was no apparent urgency. I threw a tarp over the hole before it rained again this evening. While I was on the roof, the small hole was clearly visible to me, where it had not been from the ground. There was more to it that was apparent without closer examination.

The small leak had to be seen up close to be appreciated for the threat that it was. From the ground it did not appear to be a problem. This is just like small many problems in our lives. If something is allowed to collect in a blind spot that we do not consider to be a real problem, it will be allowed to slowly, quietly fester until something gives. We may find ourselves in a situation that we thought could never happen faced with sin which we would never have to contend.

There is no problem too small to bother Jesus. Pray and ask about whatever the issue might be. If He knows the number of hairs on our heads, then He obviously cares about the details of our lives. That closer inspection may show another side to that small thing that coud be more serious. Be open. Give the Master Carpenter a chance to mend those little leaks before they are allowed to cause more considerable damage. What we may think is a speck in our eye may actually turn out to be more serious than we believed.

Grace & Peace,

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