[CF Devotionals] 2004-05-30 - Haggai



With this devotional, we begin a study by Pastor Geoff Kragen, our CF Devotionals advisor, on Haggai. I'm excited about this! In my experience, and that of some of my friends, Haggai is a book that is not often studied or taught. We intend to do our part to change that! We believe every book of the Bible is God's holy word, and is in the Canon for God's purpose. We trust this will be an inspirational study for you.


Introduction - Various Passages

One of the struggles of life is getting so caught up in living that we forget to live. What do I mean by that? Well, we are called to some fixed purposes for this life. The first two are relational, that is, to love God and to love others.We can so caught up in surviving life, that we lose sight of these dual calls. What happens is that we become overwhelmed, and at the same time accomplish nothing of eternal worth. While we can't avoid the rigors of daily life, we can refuse to get caught up in the tyranny of the urgent.

The other call of our life, which flows out of the relational commands, is to go and make disciples. If we are so caught up just getting by, then how will we find the time and motivation to focus on advancing the kingdom? This same question seems to be impacting the rebuilding of the temple. As a result, the LORD, through Haggai, has to remind Judah of her primary responsibilities. And so over the next few months, we too, will wrestle with the question of priorities.

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