[Papercut Press] 2003-07-07 - Losing All

For the devotional today I would like to take a slightly different approach. I would like to relate a story I came upon while reading last week. I found it both touching and useful and hope you do also. This is taken from, "The Christian Miscellany, and Family Visiter. For the year 1858."

"Some time ago, a merchant failed in business. He went home one evening in great agitation. 'What is the matter?' asked his wife. 'I am ruined; I am beggared. I have lost my all!' he exclaimed, pressing his hand upon his forehead as if his brain were in a whirl.

'All?' said his wife: 'I am left.' 'All, dad?' said his eldest boy: 'here am I.' 'And I too, dad,' said his little girl, running up, and putting her arms round his neck. 'I's not lost, dad,' repeated Eddie. 'And you have your health left,' said his wife. 'And your two hands to work with, dad,' said his eldest; 'and I can help you.' 'And your two feet, dad, to carry you about.' 'And your two eyes to see with, dad,' said little Eddie.

'And you have God's promises,' said grandmother. 'And a good God,' said his wife. 'And heaven to go to,' said his little girl. 'And Jesus, who came to fetch us there,' said his eldest.

'God forgive me!' said the poor merchant, bursting into tears. 'I have not lost my all. What are the few thousands which I called my all, to these more precious things which God has left me?' And he clasped his family to his bosom, and kissed his wife and children with a thankful heart.

Ah! no; there are many things more precious than gold and bank-stocks, valuable as these may be in their place. The loss of property must not cloud the mind with a wicked forgetfulness of the greater blessings which are left behind. No man should despair; for no man has lost his all until he has lost his integrity, lost the mercy of God, and lost his hope of heaven at last."

Soli Deo Gloria,

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