[Calvary Chapel] 2003-06-21 - Love/Love Relationships

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I have known a certain couple for several years. They attended church with us on a regular basis for the last five years, and on a part-time basis now. We have had a "love/hate" relationship. We are all saved, but they have done some things that have really hurt us. Not just us, but our kids too. You know how that "mother" thing can be when someone hurts your kids.

As I learned about more of their past, I understood more of their behavior. Not that it was right, but I understood it better. I have not always responded that great either, to be honest. I have at times been pretty angry, avoided them or even with a "best friend" gossiped and complained. Don't worry, God called me on it. I have repented and asked the Lord to show me how to love them and to be kind - and He has taken me up on my request.

I guess it would have been easier to just avoid them, after all, lots of other people go to church. I could go on being angry and just pretend I am not. Instead, we confronted them about certain things and let other things go. It is interesting to me to see how God showed me, through this, things about me, that needed to change. He is a pretty awesome Father, isn't He?

A friend recently shared the following excerpt with me:

"The Church grows because we are living stones - and this presents some interesting challenges.  Dead stones fit together nicely, but living, squirming stones tend to rub each other the wrong way.  Yet in this we can rejoice, for the Lord knows there are rough edges which need to be knocked off us blockheads.

That is why it is the mature believer who says, 'OK Lord, I'm not going to change my location or situation.  Instead, I'm going to stay right here and allow You to do Your work, through people who might irritate me,  in order that I might be more like You.'"

Jon Courson

Psalm 122:6

In His Service,
Rick and Sandy