[Papercut Press] 2003-06-17 - Modesty and Then some...

Luke 17:31 "nor will they say 'Look, here it is.' or, 'There it is!' For behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst."

Sadly, this devotional has taken up much more of my time than I wish it would have. I wrote it and then lost it in my computer. Talk about going nuts... Anyway, I am going to try to re-produce it here, but I can't and so I wish you all could get the original.

I do want you to read to the end because, while this may seem to be about modesty, it is really about Christian behavior in general. However, to start out I am going to introduce something I have done for several years with CFD and that is the "Summer Questions" series. Here is how it works. Ask me anything, and I mean anything, and I will try to deal with it in a devotional setting. Some questions are so personal that I have to simply deal with them individually, but many are the kinds of questions that many would like to ask, but are afraid to do so. I protect all names. This has gone well in the past and I hope that this will continue this year.

Summer is upon us. And it is time for us to shed clothes. What I have noticed, and I live in Philly, not the warmest spot on the map, is that women often shed too much clothing. I know I betray almost every guy by appealing for women to dress decently, but it is something that needs to be said. It is a goofy topic, but really it is one that someone has to cry out. The reality is that as Christians we are held to a higher standard. We must live our lives in a manner that is pleasing to the Lord. Part of that is that we must be modest. It may not be the manner that "fits the moment" but it is the way we are to be. Modesty is something that we need to cultivate. Modesty is almost a lost practice in our decadent culture. I might be clueless, but I feel that the Lord would have us live as modest Christians.

I am not an old man looking back and being "Christian." I am a thirty something (I suppose that is old to some of you) who is saying, PLEASE BE MODEST. I'm not saying don't wear a bathing suit at the beach, but rather try to avoid clothing that is seductive. I'm a guy and, well, that stuff works and it is not good for you or the one taken in by it. Hey, this is real life and I am telling it like it is. As Christians we are to live to a higher standard. We are to be above the normal.

I could be an idiot (ask anyone who knows me), but it seems that the Lord would have us Christians stand out. We see it all over in the New Testament. Those who followed Christ were not the same as the others who did not. One area where we should stand out, as those who name the name of Christ, is in our conduct. Modesty is part of that.

I hope I have not broken to many toes, and yet I hope I have. I so look forward to your summer questions. I long for this all year. Bundle up and flick your questions to me.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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