[Christian Fellowship] 2003-03-05 - Again, for the First Time

At a retreat, Matt -- an amazing Christian and incredible musician -- kept saying, "Hear it again for the first time." Quite simple, but so important. In this devotional, I am going to talk about keeping the fire in your heart blazing for God.

It is so important that we never get to the point in our lives that studying the Bible, praying, or anything else we do for God becomes so routine that we don't think about it. I will admit that routine is good for some people; routine is what ensures that I write one of these devotionals. However, recently I realizzed that I had been writing simply because that's how I end my day. When I started writing, I did it because I wanted to learn more about God, and to share His Word with others. Recently I realized that I had been writing them because that's just what I do. I am so glad I realized that, because if I hadn't, I would have written this, not thinking about what I was doing -- just doing it.

If we get to a point in our lives that we see God as a routine such as going to work or school, putting on pants or eating, we have a problem. Those are all things we all do and probably don't give much thought to. But we shouldn't be that way with God. When we go to God to talk with Him, or learn about Him, or even just to hang out with Him at the end of the day, we should look forward to it, and be anxious about it. We should go to God as though we have never seen or heard anything about Him before, and want to talk with Him forever.

I ask you to look at your time with the Lord. Is it something you just do, or do you make the most of it, every second you can get with Him alone? Do you seize the oppurtunity to walk with Him, talk with Him and get to know Him? Have you ever prayed because that's just what good Christians do?

The Word of God, For the Children of God,

"Thanks be to God."

I love you all,


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