christian fellowship2003-02-22 - My dog, the Christian

Part 2 of series on Derek's Dog

Recently I started doing a series entitled, "My dog, the Christian." First, I talked about the fear that we should have of God; in this devotional, I will talk about patience and being fed. Each night about the same time, I feed my dog. She has learned that about 5:30 every evening, she gets fed. She knows that she likes being fed, and she looks forward to it every night. About the same time everyday, she will jump around and sit at my side, her way of asking for food. If I don't feed her until later than 6 p.m., she will cry and run circles around the house. If she has to wait long enough, she will walk over to the plastic bin her food is in, and she will lift the lid herself, trying to get to the food. When she finally gets her food, or even hears the word "food," she rejoices and jumps up and down. She will eat without stopping to breathe until she is finished, at which time she will breathe and then drink her whole bowl of water. Every day it is the same routine; she has it down to a science.

This is how we should be with our devotional life. We should yearn to be fed by the Word. When we go without, we should hunger outwardly to be fed. Then when we are finally able to get into the Word of God, we should be grateful, and we should rejoice because we are fed. We need to long to learn about God. We need to set aside a time every day to spend time with God. I have mentioned previously, that we all should want to know Christ personally. My question to you is, how can you know Christ personally, if you don't spend time with Him and learn about Him?

My other e-mail address is: hcydwjwd.iydkwjd : "How can you do what Jesus would do, if you don't know what Jesus did?

However, like my dog, we have to be able to be patient. She will wait for quite a long while for me to feed her. We, too, have to be patient, so that God can give us what we need when He knows we need it. God will give us what we need. The only hard thing is that He will give it to us when we actually need it, not when we think we need it. I give my dog food when she needs it. I wouldn't give her food in the morning, because for the past seven years, we have fed her in the evening. I wouldn't feed her in the morning, because I know that's not when she needs to be fed. She would gladly accept food at 7 a.m., but she doesn't know that that is not the time she needs her food.

Do you long to learn about God? Do you hunger for Him when you go without? What is something you can do, to be sure that you get fed?

I once heard a quote, or maybe it was a song lyric that said "I drink from the saucer, because my cup has overflown." Has your cup overflown? Do you drink from the saucer?

The Word of God, For the Children of God, "Thanks be to God."

God Bless,

I love you all,


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