[Papercut Press] 2003-02-10 - The Rest of Faith

Jeremiah 6:16 "Thus says the Lord, 'Stand by the ways and see  and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it, and you  shall find rest for your souls.' But they said, 'We will not walk in it.'"

I have been reading a book this week by Robert Tichbourne titled, "The Rest  of Faith." I have been enjoying it, but don't look for him at your local Christian conference. If he shows up, he will be fairly gaunt as this book was published in 1649. It is a great title however, and I have been enjoying it.

In one section he makes the comparison between our faith in Christ and someone who sees a wonderful diamond but looks upon it as a piece of glass. The person does not realize the true beauty of what he has before him. The point of the lesson is that true faith sees the beauty of Christ and knows that faith in Christ and that the beauty of Christ far outweighs any beauty the world can offer us.

The title of the book is so true. There is rest in the faith in Christ. However, I am going to give you the full title, because I think it is instructive as to how marketing has changed many things in the Christian community. Are you ready for this? "The Rest of Faith: That is, Souls fixed and established in God by believing on him through the Lord Jesus Christ. With the grounds of this Faith from sanctified Reason, the benefits of Faith, and the evils of unbelief. Proved by Gods Word, and presented to open view." I doubt that this book would be top seller today. Most Christians would look at such a title and think, "What the heck does that mean?" It is from a faith of a different time.

However, I would like to try to conclude with an emphasis upon resting in and trusting in the grace of Christ. There is a rest in such a faith. Tichbourne got it right there. We are to rest in Christ. We tend to rest in lots of things that are other than Christ. It could be good chocolate, some favorite TV shows, a relationship, or whatever. They can never satisfy like resting in Christ can. They are temporary joys at best. The joy of rest in Christ is an eternal joy. An eternal joy always out classes a temporal joy.

The rest of faith, what a great phrase to live life by.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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