[Papercut Press] 2003-02-03 - Fallen

Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

I have always wanted to write about Fallen. Fallen is one of my cats. He is named as he is for a reason. He falls off everything. He has fallen four times this week that I have noticed and I just had to write about him. There is something to say about being fallen.

Since Fallen was a kitten he has simply fallen off everything. Most cats will size up the ground below and then jump down. Fallen just is not that smart. I see a lot of me in him. He simply walks off things, tumbles to the ground landing on his back or side and then looks up in bewilderment. I have been around cats all my life and have never seen anything like it, but it sure is fun. This week he fell in the toilet.

The name Fallen is not meant to be theological. He just falls. He will walk off a table, or frankly, anything. But there is much to learn from him. He falls. We all fall. We all slip up in our striving toward sanctification in Christ. We all walk off tables and tumble to the ground. The thing is that we all have to get up, do the right thing and confess our sin to Christ and anyone else we have crossed. It is hard to do, but that is life. We all live in a fallen world and sin can't be fixed in this life outside of Christ. The fall of Adam has a great impact on our lives.

I am going to go "theological" on you here to end this up. We are sanctified in Christ. This means He has taken our sin and God can view us as holy because He views us through the atonement of Christ. But Scripture also says that we are "being" sanctified. This is because indwelling sin still remains. We still struggle. So it is both, and it is interesting that various passages of Scripture put it both ways. We are sanctified in Christ and yet also being sanctified in Christ. If you do a word study on sanctification it will clear up the fog I just created.

We are all fallen. If you read Romans 5:12 and beyond it is fairly clear. If you are honest with yourself you know that we all walk off tables and tumble down to the ground of life. That is life. It is resting in Christ alone that can help us walk off fewer tables. My cat Fallen, well, no hope for him. But we have hope, and that is hope that is in Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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