[PC-USA] 2002-06-14 - "To Die For"

If you are an American, you've probably heard the expression "to die for--" and if you are not, it means something that is highly prized. For example, a lovely dress might be "to die for." Of course, when people say that, it's not to be taken literally. I myself have been known to spend a lot of time looking for "that special dress," but even I wouldn't die for my most special one!

But some things are worth giving our lives for. The late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. said "A man who won't die for something is not fit to live." He gave his life to procure basic human rights for people of color. Many of our "heroes of the faith" gave their lives for the cause of Christ. In the 1700s, people in both America and France (and probably other countries, as well) gave their lives so that we could live in freedom. Our police officers, firemen and military personnel know that when they enlist, they may end up giving their lives to save others or to protect freedoms.

Most of us won't be called on to literally give up our biological lives for anyone or anything. But God may call us to "die" in other ways. Mothers die to their dreams (or postpone them) in order to raise their children (I'm not criticizing working mothers, but some are called to sacrifice.) A family I love died to their "normal lifestyle," so a dying relative could move in and have a hospice in their home, surrounded by love. Spouses die to having "their own way" about some issues, to fulfill wives or husbands. Church members "die to" always having a perfectly clean church, in order to allow people in the community to use their facilities.

I challenge you to think about this: What would you give up for God? What would you "die" for? We must be willing to give up (or postpone) anything God calls us to sacrifice.


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