[PC-USA] 2002-05-24 - Be a Vireo

A few weeks ago, I noticed a lovely vireo with something white and fuzzy in its mouth. Upon looking more closely, I realized the mother bird had snared a treasure - she had found a little sprig of Blonde hair, left over from our dog Pierre's last haircut. To some people, this was just a little piece of trash, but to this bird, it was prime nest-lining material. She took what she found around her "home" and used it resourcefully. God can do the same thing for us.

Do you have a pain from your past that is dragging you down? God can help you overcome it, and will use that pain to make you more sensitive to the difficulties of others and use you to empathetically help them.

Do you have a "handicap?" Take a lesson from Joni Eareckson Tada (paralyzed in a diving accident) and see how God can use that to open up new avenues of ministry for you.

Do you have a "failure?" So did Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, the Apostle Paul - and all of us. But God can redeem those failures, teach us from them, and use them to minister to people going through similar "failures."

There is nothing wasteful, in a live devoted to God's service and glory. He can and will use every single experience of our lives, if we are open to it. Pray today, that God will help you see how He wants to use the "discards" of your life.


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