[Papercut Press] 2002-04-30 - Sacred Poetry

Psalm 19:2 Day to day pours forth speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.

Yesterday on Ex Cathedra was maybe a little bit of a heavy day. As Christians we are allowed, even encouraged, to engage the brain, but I thought today we would lighten it up a tad. As many of you know I feel it is tragic that many Christians do not read, compose, and cherish sacred poetry. I know we sing praise songs and all, but there was, in the past, a deep love and respect for sacred poems. I thought today I would present two short poems for your enjoyment. I pray they are edifying to you.

"The Lord Will Provide," by Thomas Dickson

When whispers unbelieving fear, "We'll eat our last lean crust and die,"
Tis sweet to think that He is near, Who hears the ravens when they cry.

And sweet his promises must be, To parents sinking in the dust;
"Your helpless offspring leave with me, And let your widows in me trust."

When Satan's chains did round us cling, When all from God astray had gone,
When none a ransom fit could bring, None for his guilty soul atone,
Then, blessed be Jehovah's name, He did himself a Lamb provide;
From heaven the spotless victim came, Who suffered for us and who died.

Oh! let us then confide in heaven, Repressing each desponding sigh;
He who his "only Son" hath given, Will nothing that is good deny.

"Prayer," by Edmeston

Enthroned amidst the world of light,
Jehovah rules the realms of bliss;
Yet bends to scenes of earthly night,
To such a house of pain as this!
The glories of the heavenly plains
Hide not one mourner from his eye,
Nor can the seraphs' loudest strains
Drown, by their sound, the faintest sigh.

Oh Prayer! thou mine of things unknown
Who can be poor possessing thee?
Thou wert a fount of joy alone,
Better than worlds of gold could be.
Were I bereft of all beside,
That hears the form or name of bliss,
I yet were rich, what will betide,
If God, in mercy, leave me this.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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