[PC-USA] 2002-04-26 - Living Epitaphs

Sometimes, what is said about someone after their death says much about how he lived his life, what his values were, what kind of person he was. The tombstone of Alexander the Great says "A tomb now suffices for him whom the world was not enough." Here lies the remains of someone who was not content.

Some epitaphs speak to the life purpose or mission of the deceased. About crusader Carrie Nation, it is said: "Faithful to the cause of Prohibition - She hath done what she could."

I personally like the epitaph of Joesphine and Wyatt Earp: "That nothing's so sacred as honor and nothing's so loyal as love."

I believe most of us would like to be remembered for more than just our "cause," though that is certainly important. Think for a moment about how you want people to remember you. Do you want them to think of you as a conscientious worker, an humble servant of God, a devoted family man / woman? This is a clue to your ideal prioirites.

Think now about how you spend your time, your talents and your money. Do they reflect your priorities that you believe God has given you? Someone has said that she doubts anyone ever lies on their death bed, feeling regretful they didn't spend more time at work. How much time do you spend playing with your children, listening (I mean really listening) to your spouse and friends, studying God's word, serving in God's church?

What would you like your "living epitaph" to be? I challenge you to ask God to help you evaluate your priorities and realign them with His.


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