[Calvary Chapel] 2002-02-16 - How Well Do You Care for Your Pastor?

Encore 99-11-13

Most of us are pretty quick to recognize the faults and failings of those who serve the Lord in places of Leadership. A favorite target is the man who stands in the pulpit, the Pastor. Few of us, however will acknowledge the resposibilities we have as church members to provide the prayerful support, appreciation and cooperation that will help our Pastor become the man God wants him to be. God has made the pastor the pastor. Here are a few points to ponder:

  1. Do you ever tell the Pastor how much you appreciate his work? Do you thank him for his faithfulness to the Lord and for his work?
  2. Would you be happy to live on his salary? Could you take care of the needs of your family on his income and cover the expenses he incurrs?
  3. Do you expect him to be superhuman? Are you aware of his tiredness, his emotional or physical limitations? Do you require of him the kind of dedication you would not require of yourself?
  4. Do you pray for your Pastor regularly? Do you ask the Lord to protect him from sin and discouragement? Do you ask the Lord to give him power in his preaching, along with faithfulness in his visitation and soul winning, and patience in his dealing with church members?
  5. Do you find ways of being a comfort and blessing to his family? Do you try to understand the special pressures that come with the living in a "fishbowl"? Do you allow him some privacy to be with his family so he can have time away from the burdens of ministry?
  6. Do you serve the Lord faithfully in the work of the church without having to be coddled, flattered and catered to? Do you do the work God has given you to do wether the Pastor notices you or not?
  7. Can you allow in your pastor minor idiosyncracies, without making them into major flaws every time a crisis develops in the church?
  8. Do you criticize your pastor in front of your children, other church members, non-believers? Do your point out every error in grammar in his sermons?
  9. When you hear criticism and gossip about the pastor, how do you react? Do you encourage spiteful talk about him, or do you squelch it and let the Lord deal with any real problem that may exist?
  10. Do you get your feelings hurt every time the pastor fails to greet you at the door or visit you when you are sick?
  11. Do you take his time in looooooooong hours of counseling about matters that you could handle yourself if you really searched out answers in the word of God?
  12. Do you listen to his preaching with an open heart, asking God to make the message practical in your own life and in the lives of others in the church?
  13. Do you ever ask him if there is anything you can do to make his burden lighter?
  14. Do you live in such a way that your testimony will not be an embarrassment to him in the community, or a hindrance in his soul-winning effort?
  15. Do you purpose daily to let the word of God change your life and control your behavior?

Have you asked the Lord to purify you and make you the kind of Christian that will bear fruit? I know these are some pointed questions to ask ourselves, yet I think we would do well to consider in a sane, sound and sober manner, what kind of blessing the Lord would make us into if we allow Him the just rule and reign over our lives that He is entitled to have. There are many ways that we can bless not only our pastors but all those around us, if we will abide in Jesus and let the Holy Spirit guide us.

In His Service,
Rick & Sandy

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