2000-06-20 - God Is Love

A Poem by Lord Teignmouth

With doubt, and cares, and fears opprest,
Man's wayward thoughts desponding rove;
Where shall the troubled soul find rest?
O fly to God, for God is love.

When bowed beneath afflictions sent,
Thy frequent wanderings to reprove,
Hail them as heaven's kind mercies, meant
For thy soul's good, for God is love.

When sinful pangs thy soul annoy,
With tears and prayers God's mercy prove,
From him seek pardon, peace and joy,--
Seek, you shall find, for God is love.

In Jesus, hear his mercy speak;
Hear him who reigns in heaven above;
From heaven he came, the lost to seek;
Jesus is God, and God is love.

Trust, trust in Him -- for you he died;
By works of love thy faith approve;
So shall thy soul in peace abide,
And know, and feel that God is love.

Thus may I live, thus let me die,
That when the summons calls -- "Remove,"
My soul, redeemed, to heaven may fly,
To sing with saints, -- Our God is love.

Soli Deo Gloria,