[Calvary Chapel] 1997-12-27 - What Will You do?

I guess from time to time we see just what we should do by what we did do.

On Christmas Eve I was overjoyed with all the good God brought to me this year. I sat with my lovely wife before a fireplace warm and cozy, and we both truly thanked God for deliverance and answered prayer through the course of a very difficult year. If you wish to hear stories of persecution along with salvation, talk with Sandy, myself or our 4 children. Christmas day brought us to further realize the gratitude and love we have for one another and our 4 children, our ministry, friends and extended family. But Christmas day brought further to me a deeper reality as I realized there was something I did not do. A still small voice spoke with me a wake up call (gentle yet remindful). Let me explain: I post a prayer page for this ministry

[ http://members.aol.com/richr89011/cfpraypg.htm ]

-AND- I realized that I had not posted a single request all month. I feel very badly and the last request I posted on this page was one for me.

Request - Please pray for the editor/ missionary liv4yeshua@aol.com of this page that the prayer warriors and others who have made requests would forgive his lack of organization this month which resulted in these prayers not being posted or delivered to my church prayer team. I am truly sorry. It is Christmas day and I pledge to you that I will not let this happen again, for prayer is most important.

As I muddled through the email letters recieived, I found people who were interceding on behalf of those who were dying … those who had just lost children … people with cancer … broken marriages … parents of children waiting for organ donors to save their childrens lives … broken marriages … prayer for at least two churches, and I said to myself "how could I have forgotten???" It's Christmas - and I heard that popular phrase these days, which arose from the Book In His Steps By Charles Sheldon, "What Would Jesus DO?"

Prayer is a ministry I thoroughly believe we all need to be involved in.

I will skip listing you the many verses in the Bible that make that point. What I will do is simply ask you a question. I believe we all need to be involved in praying for the needs of ourselves, our families, friends and those outside of the Kingdom of God.

At times we do not pray! That is wrong. I think my poor example in this is evident. If it is not evident, please look at the list of prayers I forgot. This up-and-coming year, I have made a pledge to those who ask me to pray that I will not forget again. Yet to each of you who read this, I ask a question.

Will you pray for the needs of others?

In a day where accountability is something which we all need, I ask this of all of you: I want an answer to this question. I want your yes or I want your no. I want you to e-mail me your answer.

I think praying is something for which we all need to hold ourselves accountable to each other for, in the up-and-coming year, to pray for each other.

Again my example will be evident to you as you read what I forgot to do. I feel I let others down. And so I ask you - what will you do? Will you learn from my regretful errors? BUT more importantly will you pray in a timely way for the needs brought to you ? I await your reply. And may God help us to do what we can on our knees and in our prayer closets today and each day forward - and truly may He bring peace to Israel and to this world. In Jesus name' amen Prayer requests for December 1997

If you would like prayer please e-mail your requests to liv4yeshua@aol.com If possible please give a name along with a location, with your prayer. We will post these as soon as we can. Thank you!

  1. Please pray for Kathy. The doctor says she needs a hysterectomy.

  2. Please pray in Jesus' name for Joyce. She has attacks of extreme pain in her side. The doctors have not figured out what is causing it yet. Thank you.

  3. Please pray for the healing and restoration of our 29-year marriage and that my husband, Robert, will once again walk with the Lord, but this time as a dedicated, mighty man of God. Please pray for the healing and restoration of our family, and the salvation of Gary and Sue. Thank you.

  4. We humbly request the following prayer for a beloved sister. I am asking for prayer for my Christian mother, whose feelings of defeat and ensuing depression has manifested itself in obsessive acquisition - the extent of which God knows; the damage of which God knows, both to herself and others (including the closest of family members, some of whom have no respite in God - and others, whom if they have, at least feel they're failing God in their walk because of this Satanic influence with which they are being defeated --and depressed too).  We thank you, and offer our prayers for your ministry as always.  Sisters In Need

  5. Previous Request: Please ask the prayer warriors to pray for my son, Brad. He is on the way to the hospital with appendicitis …. Also, pray for me as I travel the 5 hours to be with him. He isn't online, so I won't be able to keep you posted for awhile …. Thank you. God Bless you all …. Barb Updated Request: Happy to report my son is fine … everything went well … His appendix had ruptured and they also discovered another problem when they operated … between the natural and the supernatural he was in good hands … PRAISE GOD … Thank you prayer warriors for all the prayers, love and support …. God Bless … Barb

  6. Please pray for the lumps in Ed's grandmother's neck to be healed and for Joyce's blockage to be healed in Jesus' name Amen.Thank you.

  7. Please pray for God to give Kathy strength to do what she knows is right. Also pray for Cindy; she has brain cancer. In Jesus' name Amen.

  8. Please pray for healing and reconciliation for Ben's & Christa's marriage. Also pray for Kendall's and Jacy's marriages and salvation for both of them. Christa

  9. Dear Warriors, I am the Pastor of East Highland United Methodist Church in Columbus, Georgia. Please pray for a continued anointing of revival and growth! Thank you ....!! Pastor Dan

  10. I recently spoke with a coworker who told me his wife had just had a hysterectomy due to cancer. I believe it was cervical cancer. She started radiation last Wednesday 12-3-97. My coworker Mike Boehrer said he would appreciate any prayers you or your fellow Christians can give. His wife is Jennifer Boehrer and they have three children. Their youngest child has had medical problems and goes to a special school. Please pray for this family, and particularly Jennifer. Thank you.

  11. The heart did not arrive in time for it to be used. Cameron is still alive and is first on the list to receive a new heart. Please pray that a heart be found in time for this precious 2-year-old. Please ask anyone you know to also pray for her. I will update you as I hear from her mommy. Blessings, Sharon

  12. Please pray for me. I have been a Christian since 1981 and have always had a close walk with the Lord. Lately, however, I do not feel close to him. I know that it is my fault because I have allowed sin to enter my life. Please pray that I can be restored to a loving relationship with the Lord and that I will be strong enough to turn away from the sin in my life. Also, family relationships in my family are crumbling. My father passed away in September due to cancer and there are a lot of hard feelings between the rest of my family members. My prayer is that these relationships will be restored to what they once were. Thank you.

  13. Please Pray for our church to have a great awakening of God's Holy Spirit. \o/ Thank You from Pastor Gary.

  14. Please pray that God would open the doors for me to marry the woman He has chosen to be my helpmate in Jesus' name, Amen. The Bible says "it's not good for man to be alone, for this reason a man shall leave his mother and father, cleave to his wife and the two shall become one flesh." It also says "it's not good for man to be alone, therefore let Us make him a helpmate." and verses in the book of Proverbs say that a good wife is a gift, a favor, and a blessing from the Lord. Thank you.

  15. Please pray for my dear mother Peggy. She was visiting me here in the States when she fell desperately ill. Now she needs ongoing dialysis. Because she is a visitor, medical insurance is difficult to come by. They want to release her from the hospital but no dialysis centers will accept her because of lack of insurance. We need strong prayer so that we can get the resources we need. We need your prayer urgently. Dialysis is incompetent in my country and even more expensive, so we need help here. I am a poor person, and i need to help my mother. I cant describe to you what dire straits we are in! But God knows, and I believe with God all things are possible! She has been so ill,and the dialysis while in the hospital has been helping her tremendously. Now that we cannot find a center to accept her this is another trial for her to go through! Oh please pray for us!! God bless you! Susan

  16. We took Sawyer to the cardiologist Monday. He thinks Sawyer is doing well. I am not sure if I told you all I took him to our pediatrician/gastroenterologist sometime last month. I wanted to make sure that with Sawyer doing so well we were making the right decision. He said that with the damage the heart is doing to the liver at an unknown rate, we would be risking possible irreparable liver damage to take Sawyer off the list. We agree. I just mainly wanted him to reevaluate the condition of the liver (as much as possible). It is the same size and firmness as before (from outward feeling). The cardiologist agrees with all these assessments. I am glad of that. We told the cardiologist that we were praying that Sawyer would stay healthy till he got the transplant. We believe that God is answering that prayer!!! Our cardiologist also agrees with that!! I was thrilled to hear that. He did not go into detail but made it clear that he at least believes in God's power to help. One down note is that the longer we wait the more it seems to affect Sawyer. He is nervous some and says he worries about it sometimes. He said he kinda wants to die! (Almost broke my heart). He says he wants to see Jesus. Real sweet in a bittersweet way. Ya'll continue to pray for Sawyer. Dr Morrow (the cardiologist) said that with Sawyer doing as well as he is we can be picky about the condition of the organ we take. He says that is good for Sawyer in the long run. We give God all the glory for our trials and our blessings. We appreciate and ask God to bless you for your prayer support of our family. The Evans Kerri John Callie and Sawyer

  17.  Please pray for the editor/ missionary liv4yeshua@aol.com of this page that the prayer warriors and others who have made requests would forgive his lack of organization this month which resulted in these prayers not being posted or delivered to my church prayer team. I am truly sorry. It is Christmas day and I pledge to you that I will not let this happen again for prayer is most important.

    Humbled...this day In His Service,