Westminster Theological Seminary 1997-06-10 - Foxhole Christianity

Romans 1: 18-23

The following story reminded me of these verses.

A minister in Canada went out to walk and pray one evening. He found himself musing and musing until, he had no idea where he was, night was falling and he was in a thick forest. The prospects of spending a night in the forest were less than encouraging. Looking around he saw a light in the distance. Heading towards the light he found a field with a speaker addressing an audience. Thinking he had found a religious society, he went forward to listen. The man speaking, to his horror, was denouncing God and any who believe in a life after death. The speaker was daring Almighty God to do His worst to him. The people listened and then gave him a thunderous applause when he finished and sat down. "I must rise and speak. The honor of God is at stake, His cause demands I do so," the minister thought. Before he could another man stood up and began to speak. He also had a word for the audience. He said he did not intend to try refute the former man or criticize his style. Rather he wanted to tell them that yesterday he saw a young man in a boat, heading towards rapids, clearly out of control. The man was at the mercy of the river and raised his hands in agony. He gave up his struggle, kneeled down and cried in earnestness, "O God, save my soul! If my body cannot be saved, save my soul!" He confessed some sins, vowed if he was spared he would never fall into them again. He plead that he might be washed in the blood of Jesus. The man then said that upon hearing and seeing this he jumped in and saved him. Lastly, the second speaker said, "The man I saved just addressed you."

It is interesting how important God becomes when we are in trouble. My point is that the very same God that we cry out to when our lives are seemingly falling to pieces, is available to you now, in an hour, in 17 hours and next Thursday. He is always there, and we need not wait until our moment of crisis comes to call upon Him. We may do so at any time, Even now!

"If man is man and God is God, to live without prayer is not merely an awful thing, it is an infinitely foolish thing." Phillips Brooks "Anything is a blessing which makes us pray." C. H. Spurgeon

Soli Deo Gloria,